Evidence base for preventing homelessness and rough sleeping strategy

11. Tenancy strategy

The four local authorities produced a joint tenancy strategy in 2013. Work was carried out to update this in 2018 but any revisions to the strategy were held pending the formation of the new Council.

The current strategy expects Registered Providers to use fixed term tenancies with a minimum tenancy period of five years, following a one-year introductory tenancy. Tenancies should be renewed if there have been no major changes in the household or breaches of the tenancy conditions. Where the tenancy is not being renewed, the RP is expected to work with the tenant to find an appropriate housing solution; both the tenant and the Council should be given at least six months’ notice, to prevent the tenant becoming homeless. The tenancy strategy does not state the grounds on which a tenancy could be ended, leaving this up to RPs to determine. The strategy also states that life-time tenancies should be considered where appropriate.

When reviewing the tenancy strategy, Bucks should ensure that all appropriate steps are taken to prevent a tenant becoming homeless when a tenancy is not renewed. Bucks will also want to be reassured that wherever practical, steps are taken to move tenants on from property which no longer meets their needs eg an adapted property where no-one in the household requires those adaptations, or a property which is being under-occupied.