Find out who's responsible for a drain or sewer

Responsibility for drains is split between:

  • you, as a homeowner
  • the water company

You’re responsible for any maintenance and repairs for the drain that serves your property.

Drain responsibility and property boundaries

The diagrams below will help you identify who’s responsible for a drain.

The pink pipe is the water companies responsibility, and the green pipe is the responsibility of the homeowner.

If a problem is outside of your property boundary, you may need to contact your water company.

Image of drains and property boundaries

Drains you're responsible for

You're responsible for the maintenance and repairs of:

  • internal plumbing
  • private drains
  • shared private drains

You'll need to arrange for a plumber or specialist to fix the problem. We cannot recommend any commercial services.

Drains your water company is responsible for

Your water company is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of:

  • lateral drains
  • private sewers
  • public sewers

Report a blocked drain on the road

As the highway authority, we're responsible for drains and gullies on the road. You can report a blocked drain or flooding online

Report a flood

Find out how to report a flood