What to do with Council Tax when someone dies

Tell us that someone has passed away

Use the Tell Us Once service

Tell Us Once is a service that lets you report a death to most government services in one go, including Council Tax.

Once you register the death, the registrars will provide you with a reference number and instructions on how to use the service.

If you have used the Tell Us Once service, we will be informed without you having contacted us directly.

Tell us by email

If you have chosen not to use the Tell Us Once service, you can inform us of a death by email on [email protected].

You need to let us know:

  • the name of the deceased person and the date they died
  • the address where they lived
  • whether a single occupant discount is now required

If the deceased was a Council Tax payer we will need the name and address of:

  • any executors to the will of the deceased person
  • an appointed solicitor if you want us to deal directly with a solicitor