Council Tax: Save time, do it online

Set up a Direct Debit, make a payment, opt for paperless ebilling, view your statement or tell us you’ve moved – all through one account. Sign up for a online Council Tax account today.

Apply for a single person Council Tax discount

If you have received a single person discount review letter you must complete our online review to confirm that you are still entitled to the discount.

View complete a single person Council Tax discount review.

The full Council Tax bill assumes that there are 2 or more adults (i.e. people aged 18 or over) living in a property.

If only one person aged 18 or over lives in your property, we can give you a Single Person Discount to reduce your bill by 25%.

If someone is living temporarily away from home, we may need to decide where their main residence is.

This includes those:

  • in hospital
  • in a nursing home
  • working away
  • on holiday

Apply for a discount

To claim a single person discount you can complete our online form.

Apply now

After you've applied

After you've applied, we will assess your claim and contact you regarding the outcome.You must continue to make payments whilst a discount application is pending.

If your circumstances change

You will need to let us know if your circumstances change and you are no longer the only resident in the household liable to pay Council Tax.

You can do this by cancelling your single person discount.