Texts and emails from us about late payments

We will be texting or emailing residents who are late paying their Council Tax. This communication is genuine but if you’d like reassurance you can log in to check your online account or pay online. There is no need to contact us if you've already paid.

How your Council Tax is spent

Council Tax makes up 79% of our external income.

Our costs continue to rise due to inflation, and we have an increasing demand for services to protect, support and care for our vulnerable adults and children. We're more dependent than ever on the income we receive from Council Tax to deliver the services our residents rely on each day.

Your Council Tax helps pay for vital local services, including:

  • housing
  • caring for people in need
  • roads and transport
  • libraries
  • protecting our environment
  • bin collections
  • recycling

How the council is funded

Source of funding Percentage of our funding Amount of funding
Council Tax 79% £426.9 million
Business Rates 13% £70.7 million
New Homes Bonus 1% £3.5 million
Other grants 7% £37 million

Who spends your Council Tax

When you pay your Council Tax, this money is shared with other local service providers.

Find out how much of your Council Tax goes towards town and parish councils: Parish precepts 2024/25 PDF, 219KB.

How we plan to spend it

Buckinghamshire Council has a total budget of £538 million for 2024/25.

View the budget for 2024/25 and previous budgets.