Opportunity Bucks

How you can get involved

We want to make sure that everyone in Buckinghamshire has the same opportunities to reach their potential and live happy, healthy lives.

By listening to the communities in the 10 wards, we want to understand what you like about where you live, what you would like to see to make it better, and how we can work together on local initiatives to improve:

  • education and youth engagement – giving everyone the chance to learn and develop
  • jobs, careers and skills – ensuring there is access to suitable employment
  • quality of public realm – transforming the place you live (including public spaces)
  • standard of living – reducing the number of people living in hardship
  • health and wellbeing - improving physical and mental health

Share your thoughts with your local Ward Partnership

Ward partnerships have been established for each of the 10 Opportunity Bucks wards:

They directly support our communities to identify local concerns and possible solutions, and then work together to make improvements. Ward partnerships are led by ward councillors with dedicated support from officers.

The ward partnerships bring together local people, communities, partners and organisations, developing relationships and capturing ideas in local action plans. This means local insight and context are identified as well as local assets, resources and funding streams.

To find out more contact [email protected].

Community boards

The ward partnerships work closely with the Community Boards, providing focus and action at a local level. The Community Boards have a wider geographical focus than the ward partnerships. They provide residents who live outside of the 10 Opportunity Bucks wards a place to address key priorities and local issues and find ways of improving them together.

Read more about community boards.

Find your local Community Board.