Offer to share your home with a refugee

Support from the council for sponsors and guests

We have set up an internal team using existing staff who are handling the housing, safeguarding and the DBS checks for sponsors who have found guests they would like to come and stay with them.

A local strategic partnership has been formed to be in the best possible position across the whole of Buckinghamshire to co-ordinate a strong response to whatever scenario presents. It means we have representatives from accommodation, education, health, safeguarding and other services all aligned to support any arrivals as best we can.

Liaison Officers

Once you are approved for the scheme, a Liaison Officer will be your single point of contact at the council and will help your guests with:

  • finding schools
  • healthcare
  • classes for adults
  • claiming benefits
  • gaining employment

Your Liaison Officer will make contact shortly after you have been approved for the scheme.

They will keep in regular contact throughout your guests stay and will provide you with Buckinghamshire Welcome Packs which will be translated into Ukrainian and Russian. These will help explain practical elements as well as places to go and support.

If you should ever wish to stop sponsoring a guest, you should let the Liaison Officer know as early as possible. We will then work with the guest to find alternative accommodation.

Support for children

If you are hosting children and young people, it may be useful to link them to local groups or activities.

You can find details of local clubs and activities on the:

Contact the Ukraine Support team

Although sponsors and guests should have the contact details for their Liaison Officer, you can also contact our Ukraine Support team.

Contact the team on [email protected].