Offer to share your home with a refugee

Different ways you can offer support

It is important that wherever possible we try to find replacement sponsorships for families, so that they can continue to live in the communities that they have settled into in Buckinghamshire. There are a number of ways that you can help, whether you are already a sponsor, interested in being a sponsor or if you have sponsored and would like to do so again.

Extending the sponsorship period with your guest(s)

If you want to extend your sponsorship period with your current guest or guest family, contact your Liaison Officer to let them know how long you’d like to sponsor for.

Offer rematching sponsorship to a new guest or family

If you would like to offer to host a Ukraine guest or family already in Buckinghamshire, this is a called a rematching sponsorship as the guests will have already spent some time with another sponsor.

View more information on being a rematching sponsor including the benefits of continuing to offer support and an online application.

If your initial sponsorship period has ended and your guest or guest family are moving on but you still want to offer support, you can let your Liaison Officer know that you are available for a rematch.

Private rematching sponsorship

If you have already found a new guest or guest family in Buckinghamshire that you would like to sponsor (this may be someone you know through your local community), you can arrange a private rematching sponsorship. You need to let us know that you will be hosting new guests by emailing [email protected].

If you have not sponsored before, provide us with your details through the sponsorship application. This will enable us to start the necessary checks. In order to receive the 'thank you' payments you still need to complete all of the necessary checks and your new guest(s) should not move in until these are completed.

Become an emergency or temporary sponsor

If you feel that committing to a sponsorship for 6 months is too much, but you would still like to help, please sign up as an emergency or temporary sponsor.

Emergency or temporary sponsors can host individual guests or guest families in their household for a short amount of time while an alternative solution is found. This short-term measure can prevent unnecessary stays in hotels where space is confined, there is less access to support and often no, or minimal, cooking facilities.