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Our Aylesbury regeneration plans

Aylesbury is the county town of Buckinghamshire and the population is over 90,000 and growing, with partners committed to delivering 16,000 new homes by 2033.

Since Aylesbury received Garden Town status in 2017, we've made lots of preparations for positive and sustainable growth of the town. We are ensuring that new growth enhances the town’s existing offer for residents and businesses.

View the documents below which support the vision for growth in Aylesbury:

Aylesbury Garden Town Masterplan

The Aylesbury Garden Town Masterplan shows ambitious proposals to transform Aylesbury into a thriving, vibrant, innovative, and great place to live, work and invest in.

We adopted the masterplan in 2020. The other growth plans include the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) and the Aylesbury Garden Town Vision to 2050.

These documents ensure that new development in Aylesbury implements the Garden Town Principles and ethos.

View the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan

View the Aylesbury Garden Town Masterplan (PDF, 12.3 MB)

View the Aylesbury Garden Town Vision to 2050 (PDF, 9.61 MB).

In 2022 we refreshed the Masterplan Action Plan. The action plan shows the key projects that we are working on alongside our partners.

View the refreshed Masterplan Action Plan (PDF, 702 KB).

The Aylesbury Garden Town Strategic Oversight Board

The Aylesbury Garden Town Strategic Oversight Board has overall responsibility for delivery of the Garden Town Vision and will support the Regeneration sub-board of the Growth Board. Establishing and delivering the regeneration programme requires a collaborative and partnership-driven approach.

The Board includes Buckinghamshire Council Councillors and external partners from key stakeholder organisations. The Boards reviews its Terms of Reference and refreshes the membership on an annual basis. The current membership is:

Buckinghamshire Council

  • Councillor Rachael Matthews (Chairman)
  • Councillor Bill Chapple (Vice Chairman)
  • Councillor Peter Strachan
  • Councillor Julie Ward
  • Councillor Mark Winn, representing the Aylesbury Community Board

Aylesbury Town Council

  • Councillor Richard Lloyd (Leader)
  • Keith Gray (Clerk)

Our other representatives

  • Councillor John Watson, representing the Northern Parishes
  • Councillor Adam Poland-Goodyer, representing the Southern Parishes
  • Representatives from Homes England
  • Representatives from the local Business Forum
  • Chris Williams, representing the NEP

Aylesbury Regeneration Strategy

The Aylesbury Garden Town Masterplan identified a number of important areas for regeneration in the town centre.

The Aylesbury Regeneration Strategy is the next stage of our ambition for the town centre. It sets out the vision for regeneration that will enable the transformation of the town centre.

Although the town centre faces competition from larger nearby towns such as Milton Keynes and Bicester, it is well placed to provide a more distinct, specific offering as a modern market town centre with vibrant independent shops.

The Aylesbury Strategy supports the town centre in becoming a thriving community with:

  • greener streets
  • more outdoor spaces
  • improved accessibility
  • greater biodiversity

It shows plans for Aylesbury to be a place where people want to live, work and visit.

View the Aylesbury Regeneration Strategy (PDF, 11.6 MB)

Aylesbury Vale Area Design Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)

The Aylesbury Vale Area Design SPD is intended to guide the quality of design for all development across the north and central planning areas, in particular Aylesbury as a major growth area.

The Design Supplementary Planning Document shows principles and standards for new developments that aim to create safe and attractive places that are sensitive to and maintain or enhance Aylesbury’s special character while also allowing creative and innovative design solutions.

View the Aylesbury Vale Area Design SPD



The Gardenway is a visionary and transformative concept for a 20km orbital park and cycleway around Aylesbury.

The concept originated in the 2020 Masterplan and aims to link new and existing communities in Aylesbury.

Split into sections, it is envisaged that sections will be delivered by third parties as new developments along the route are brought forward.