Event safety guide for event organisers

Last updated: 2 October 2023

4. Final preparations

Just prior to the event carry out a detailed safety check including:


Walk the planned access egress and circulation routes within the site to ensure they are prepared and clear. Pay particular attention to emergency routes.


A walk through inspection of the site should be carried out immediately prior to, during and after the event to identify any potential hazards and to check communications are working. You may want to carry out more than one inspection during the event. All defects should be noted and also the remedial action taken. These checklists (examples below) should be retained for future reference as a record of your attention to safety.


Make sure that all facilities and attractions are correctly sited as per your site plan. Be certain that the first aid facilities, fire extinguishers and any cash collection boxes are in place where they are expected to be. Check waste bins are in their correct locations.


Ensure adequate signage is displayed where necessary. This should include emergency exits, first aid points, fire points, information and lost or found children points, and other welfare facilities such as toilets and drinking water.


Check that all contractors, performers and exhibitor’s vehicles have been removed from the site or parked in the designated area before the public are permitted to enter.


Ensure all staging, seating, marquees and lighting structures have been completed safely and that certification, including inspection reports, has been obtained from the relevant contractors as a record of this.


Check that all barriers and other protection against hazards are securely in place and there is no risk of falling from staging or other facilities.


Make sure that all staff have arrived and are in their correct location and are fully briefed on their roles and responsibilities. Check stewards are wearing the correct clothing for easy identification and their communication systems work.


Check all lighting is working, including any emergency lighting.

Public information

Make sure the public address system is working and can be clearly heard in all areas without causing excessive off site noise.


Provide a short briefing to staff before commencement.