Event safety guide for event organisers

Last updated: 2 October 2023

14. Food safety

Food safety should be considered as part of your event preparation.

You will need answers to these questions:

  • are you aware of the food legislation that will need to be complied with? Seek advice from your local Environmental Health Department
  • have you produced a documented food safety management system? If you use contractors or have food traders, do they have this?
  • do you know the trading details of all food traders operating at the event, including food registration details? This will enable you to provide useful information to Environmental Health
  • have you made contact with the local authority of the food traders operating at the event (where the trader is based)? Local authorities can confirm registration details of food traders in their areas and, if you have any problems with traders, you can inform them of any issues you may have with problem traders
  • check the providers’ food hygiene rating. It is recommended that the providers have a rating of at least 3 or above
  • have you finalised the location of each of the food traders and a plan to display their locations? Knowing where food traders are operating gives environmental health officers the opportunity to clearly identify each trader and give you feedback on any issues they may have
  • is Environmental Health aware of the type of food traders you intend to use? Food inspections are prioritised on a risk basis. Food traders that are preparing high risk foods or using specialist cooking methods score more on the risk rating system than those only handling wrapped produce
  • have you made adequate provision for all food traders to be supplied with potable water? It is a legal requirement for food premises to have a supply of potable water. The event needs to be able to provide the traders with such a supply if they don’t have their own
  • do you know what level food handlers working at your event are trained to? Legislation dictates that food handlers should be trained and/or supervised to a suitable level to enable them to produce safe food. Food Hygiene training is recommended for all food handlers preparing food
  • what are the waste collection and disposal provisions for the food traders operating at your event, including waste water? It is recommended that you estimate the amount of food waste likely to be produced and ensure that facilities are such that it can all be housed in secure containers which prevent pest activity, odour or litter

Food safety guidance