Apply for an Occasional Use Notice for gambling

Occasional Use Notices (OUNs) allow holders of an operators licence to provide betting facilities at sporting events for a short period of time, without needing a full betting premises licence. For example, at racecourses or major golf tournaments.

The gambling activities must take place:

  • at a genuine sporting event
  • within the boundaries of the identified venue
  • on a specific date

The event must be temporary and OUNs will cover a maximum of 8 days of events per year. A separate OUN is required for each day, even if an event is held over several consecutive days.

How to apply

There is no fee for an Occasional Use Notice.

To apply:

  1. complete an Occasional Use Notice
  2. email this to [email protected].

When you apply, you must notify the council and the police in writing. For contact details, see responsible authorities

Next steps

No objection or refusal is possible unless the maximum of 8 days of events per year will be exceeded.

Replacement notices

A fee of £15 is due if you require a replacement copy of your OUN, due to theft/loss.

To request a replacement OUN, contact [email protected].