Register a birth

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Registering a birth takes around 30 minutes.

To register a birth, you'll need to make an appointment. Appointments will take place in a Buckinghamshire registration office between Monday and Friday.

If your baby was born outside Buckinghamshire or in Milton Keynes, contact your nearest register office.

Our registration offices in Aylesbury, Beaconsfield Old Town and High Wycombe Library are open for appointments.

What you'll need

When you attend the appointment, you should bring:

  • your baby's red NHS book
  • documents for each parent such as a passport, driving licence, utility bill, birth or marriage certificate (we can still register the birth without these documents)
  • a payment card to pay the fee for the birth certificates required
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If English is not your native language

If you cannot speak or understand English, you can bring someone who can translate for you.