Confirm your registered voting details

The annual canvass

Each year the council’s Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) must conduct an annual canvass of all households to check that the information on the electoral register is up to date.

It is a legal requirement to confirm details relating to your property. If you do not respond to the annual canvass you may be unable to vote in elections.

You may also have difficulty in getting credit for mortgages, credit cards and mobile phones, as the register is often used to carry out credit checks.

How we will contact you

We will either email you from [email protected] or send you a letter asking you to confirm or change your details.

Starting from September we will also knock on doors to check details.

View an example of the email or letter we will send out.

How to confirm or change your details

For security, you will need to confirm your postcode in addition to the security codes shown on your email or letter before you can submit your household response.

You can confirm your details or make changes in a variety of ways:



Text ‘NO CHANGE’ followed by both parts of your security code (see letter/email) to 80212.


After you confirm or change your details

If you have responded online, you may receive a confirmation email from [email protected] after you have confirmed your details.

If you inform us that new electors are living at the property, we will send each person a letter or email (Invitation to Register) asking them to register to vote. They can also do this online at GOV.UK: Register to Vote.

If you haven't received a letter or email

If you haven't received a letter or email with your security code, contact us so we can look into this for you.

Applying for credit during the annual canvass

If you are applying for credit during the annual canvass and your electoral register status is not up to date on your credit report, lenders can still check other information such as where your credit accounts are held. If you require written confirmation of your registration to vote, please contact us.