Confirm your registered voting details

The annual canvass

Each year our Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) conducts an annual canvass of all households to check that the information on the electoral register is up to date.

We will contact you asking you to confirm or update the details we hold for the people living in your household, if they're:

  • aged 16 or over
  • British or qualifying Commonwealth national who has leave to remain in UK
  • a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or other European Union member states

You are legally required to confirm these details, even if you're already registered to vote.

If you do not respond to the annual canvass, you may be unable to vote in elections and could experience difficulty getting credit for mortgages, credit cards and mobile phones.

How we will contact you

We will either:

Where available, we will usually use email. From September, we will also knock on doors to check details.

View an example of the email or letter we send, PDF, 140 KB

How to confirm or change your details

You can confirm your details or make changes by:

Before you can submit your household response, you will need to:

  • confirm your postcode
  • enter the security codes shown on your email or letter

After you confirm or change your details

If you respond online, you should receive a confirmation email from [email protected].

If you tell us that new people are living at the property, we will send each eligible person a letter or email asking them to register to vote.

You can also register to vote online at GOV.UK: Register to Vote.

16 and 17 year olds are eligible to register to vote. They will be added to the electoral register automatically when they turn 18.

If you do not respond

There is a criminal penalty up to £1,000 if you don't provide the information required.

You may be unable to vote in elections.

You may also have difficulty in getting credit for mortgages, credit cards and mobile phones, as the register is often used to carry out credit checks.

False information

The penalty for providing false information to an Electoral Registration Officer is either:

  • imprisonment of up to 51 weeks
  • on summary conviction, an unlimited fine

Contact the Electoral Register Office