Request a clinical waste collection from your home

Request a clinical waste collection

We can collect infectious or potentially infectious clinical waste on a weekly basis, as long as it isn't contaminated with chemicals or medicines.

This means any items contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids, such as:

  • wipes
  • dressings, plasters or bandages
  • bed pans or liners
  • stoma bags or urine containers
  • personal protective equipment, such as gloves, masks and aprons

Clinical waste collections do not include the collection of needles and syringes (sharps).

Before you begin

To request collection of clinical waste you will need to upload supporting documents from your healthcare professional. This could be a letter from a GP or district nurse which:

  • explains your need for a clinical collection
  • describes the type of waste that will need collecting

You can upload a good quality photo or scan.

Request a clinical waste collection

Request ongoing collections of clinical waste.

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What happens next

After you've requested a clinical waste collection service, we will send you 4 orange sacks.

All waste must be securely contained in these orange sacks for collection.

Sacks are replaced by our crews each time they make a collection. For example, if they take 2 sacks they will give you 2 more sacks.

What you can get rid of yourself

You can put small amounts of hygiene waste in your own rubbish bin without the need for a clinical waste collection.

This includes items such as:

  • nappies
  • incontinence pads
  • sanitary products
  • non-infectious catheter and stoma bags (drained)

Make sure any waste is placed securely in heavy duty bin liners in your rubbish bin.

If the amount of hygiene waste is too much for your bin, you can:

Amend or cancel collections

You must cancel or amend your collection within 48 hours of the collection date.

Telephone: 0300 131 6000 (select option 6, then option 2)

Contact us

If you need further information about requesting a clinical waste collection, you can contact us for help.