Arrange a garden waste collection

How it works

We provide a chargeable garden waste collection service, offering fortnightly collections of garden waste such as grass cuttings and leaves. You will need to subscribe to the service to receive garden waste collections.

The annual cost of the garden waste collection service is £55

You may request additional bins at a cost of £55 per bin, per year. If your property is not suitable for bins, you will be sent reusable bags.

Collections take place every 2 weeks, on the same day as your recycling. Check your bin day to see when your collections will be scheduled.

Your subscription will need to be renewed yearly for your service to continue.

Collections are suspended for a 6-week period between December and January each year.

You will be provided with a subscription sticker displaying your address to attach to your bin – this enables our crews to easily identify which bins are eligible for collection.

If you sign-up for this annual service we will provide you with a bin for your garden waste and collect it with your other bins.

Find out how to sign up for garden waste collections.

If you don't need this type of collection service or your bin is full, you can recycle garden waste at your nearest household recycling centre.