School attendance guidance

Sickness and medical appointments

Children can usually attend school if they have minor symptoms. Parents or carers will need to make a judgement if a child is too ill to attend.

When a child is too sick to attend school, you should:

  • notify the school before the register is closed
  • continue to notify them each day they are sick

If you are unsure whether to send a child into school or not you can send them in and let the school know your concerns so they can monitor the situation and send the child home as appropriate.

If a child is frequently off school because of illness, then the headteacher may ask for permission to contact your GP.

Time off for medical appointments

Medical appointments should be made outside of school hours. If you are unable to get an appointment outside of school time you should send your child into school wherever possible either side of this.

If a child needs ongoing treatment, this should be discussed with the school. Schools can arrange education support for children with medical needs.