Home tuition and hospital teaching services guidance

Last updated: 31 May 2022

7. Approaches and strategies to be followed within the Buckinghamshire home tuition service

7.1 Referral and assessment

On receipt of a referral, complete with supporting medical evidence, the home tuition service will make a home visit in order to ensure that the tuition provided is appropriate to meet the needs of the pupil.

As an integral part of the assessment, the home tuition service will decide whether it is in the best interest of the pupil to receive 1:1 tuition or whether the tuition can be delivered as part of small group at an appropriate centre.

7.2 Method of delivery

Provision is delivered by the home tuition and hospital teaching service during term time only.

The home tuition service will usually deploy staff registered within the home tuition service but will also, where appropriate, seek to secure tuition that is delivered by a teacher or teaching assistant from the pupil’s normal school. In the latter case charging will be adjusted to acknowledge the teaching provided.

7.3 Level and cost of provision

The cost of running the home tuition service is significant and income needs to be generated in order to offset some of these costs. The home tuition service will seek a weekly charge equivalent to one-thirty-eighth of the appropriate AWPU for pupils of statutory school age, plus pupil premium where this is applicable.

Invoices will be raised on a termly basis at the end of each term. Schools will receive written advice of any charges at least 2 weeks prior to the charges being raised.

In cases of post-16 education the legal responsibility to provide home tuition and hospital teaching only exists where evidence is presented that the student is one or more academic years behind. The home tuition service will meet this legal responsibility. In other cases involving post-16 students the home tuition service is willing to cooperate with any school seeking to release the post-16 funding that has been assigned to that pupil and convert the funding into an equivalent allocation of home tuition.

7.4 Tutor responsibilities

Tutors employed by the home tuition service will need to hold appropriate DBS clearance and to have undertaken appropriate child protection training. The home tuition service will cover the cost of one DBS check per employee per annum. Any additional DBS checks necessitated by a break in service will need to be paid for by the employee. Staff will be required to attend basic safeguarding training as delivered by Buckinghamshire Local Authority and an appropriate allowance will be paid to support attendance.

Tutors are expected to submit claim forms for hours worked, which may include tuition hours and meetings to support reviews and reintegration, and travel expenses on a regular basis to the appropriate place of tuition. These will be checked and approved by the local home tuition service Coordinator and Business Manager.

Tutors are also expected to maintain Individual Learning Plans and records of pupil progress regarding the tuition programme and progress of individual pupils.