View a planning application

Search, view and comment on a planning application

There are currently delays to our planning services, including initial planning advice. For more information please see delays to planning services.

Anyone can search, view, and comment on planning applications in Buckinghamshire.

You can search for planning applications on Public Access using the property address or application number.

Comment on a planning application

You can comment on planning applications made by other people. Your comments will be published on Public Access in accordance with our privacy statement.

Your comments must relate to planning matters.

Read our guidance on how to have your say to know what you can and cannot comment on.

To search, view or comment on an application, choose your local area:

Aylesbury Vale Chiltern and South Bucks Wycombe

To comment on Minerals and Waste applications, and to view historic schools and roads applications, visit Minerals and Waste on Public Access.

Check building regulations applications

To check for building regulations applications, choose your local area:

(This service is not currently available in Aylesbury Vale.)

Chiltern and South Bucks Wycombe

After you make your comments

Our planning officers will consider all comments that are submitted.

Find out how we consider your comments.

If the planning application that you commented on is approved or refused, there is no third party right of appeal.