Request a search on a property or land

Making a personal search

A personal search is a search of the Local Land Charges Register only.

It does not answer the additional questions asked on an official search.

To book a personal search in:


Contact us with details of the address or plot of land. We'll need a clear plan of the area in which you require a search.

We'll book your search and will contact you when the results are back.

Council Offices
Queen Victoria Road
High Wycombe
HP11 1BB

Email us or call us on 01494 421 180 to book your search.

Chiltern and South Bucks

Submit a search online. Using our online form you can upload a location plan, answer a few questions and make payment.

Aylesbury Vale

Contact us to view the Local Land Charges Register

The Gateway
Gatehouse Road
HP19 8FF

Email or call us on 01296 585 039 to book your search.

Official and personal searches have information that can be sourced free of charge without an official request.

There is no charge for a personal search. But some departments may charge for copies of documents, or for access to information that is not publicly available.

You will need to ask the relevant department about any charges and whether you need to book an appointment in advance.