Request a search on a property or land

Making an official search

If you're making an official search you'll need to submit one of each of these three forms:

  • LLC1: this is a request to search the local land charges register only. The form must be completed in full
  • Con29R: this consists of several 'required' enquiries, that are answered by different departments within the council, with the exception of the highway questions, which are answered by the Highways team
  • Con29O form: this consists of pre-determined optional enquiries which you may wish to ask about. Included in these optional questions is now the Commons Registration search question

All of these forms may be submitted independently of each other, but please ensure that 2 copies of the plan, with the area to be search clearly outlined, is submitted with the above forms.

Submitting your official land charges search forms

Submit an LLC1 and CON29 form in:

You can also submit a CON29 search in Buckinghamshire here, and make an electronic submission via:

You can also read more about local land charges at:

See if a maintainable highway affects your property by making a search for a highways extent.