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Local land charges fees

Land charge search fees

Item Standard search VAT 20% (where applicable) Total amount
LLC1 (local land charge search) £29.71 £0.00 £29.71
Con29R (required enquiries) £76.39 £15.28 £91.67
LLC1 and Con29R £106.10 £15.28 £121.38
Con290 (optional enquiries) (Q5 to Q22) £15 £3 £18

Note: We do not answer Q4 (question 4) Con29 enquiries.

A reply to this enquiry needs substantial research.

If you would like to appoint your own consultant to complete this work, they can inspect the register of planning applications.

They would need to:

  • identify all planning application proposals approved within 200 meters of the property (since 1948)
  • examine the approved plans and drawings to establish which of these proposals included the types of road works described in Q4
  • identify whether or not such works have been completed, for which a survey may be necessary

Development in vicinity enquiry fees

Item Standard search VAT 20% (where applicable) Total amount
Wycombe area: development in vicinity enquiry(the area searched against will only involve the properties immediately to the rear, facing and adjoining the main search property) £17.50 £3.50 £21
Chiltern or South Bucks area: development in vicinity enquiry(planning applications on properties within 25 metres of the boundary of the search extent) £17.50 £3.50 £21
Aylesbury area: development in vicinity enquiry (planning radius enquiry) £17.50 £3.50 £21

Search fees for additional parcels of land

Item Standard search VAT 20% (where applicable) Total amount
LLC1 £8.49 £0.00 £8.49
Con29R £16.45 £3.29 £19.74
Personal search (register inspection only) £0.00 (free of charge) £0.00 £0.00

Con29 enquiry fees

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Additional enquiries

The Land Charges Team does not answer additional enquiries, apart from enquiries about development in vicinity.

Other enquiries can be raised with the relevant council service. Additional fees may apply.