Get advice before you build or do home improvements

We offer a planning advice service to help you:

  • reduce your costs and time in developing a project
  • improve the quality of your application and proposal
  • identify issues early on and explore other solutions to reduce your risk

You can use this service to make a planning application either now or in the future.

Services we offer

We offer the following planning advice services:

  • initial or ‘pre-application’ advice
  • follow-up advice, for more detailed advice on a proposal
  • an initial check to find out if planning permission is required for work to a house or within its garden (a second stage history check is still needed) - use our free online checker (PlanX)
  • a planning and building control history check, to see what previous work has been permitted or refused
  • validation advice, to make your application ‘valid’

Specialist advice services

You can also get specialist advice on highways, flooding and the environmental services as well as heritage and conservation advice, including listed buildings advice.

View fee information and further details about our: