Apply for planning permission

Getting your decision

Once your planning application has been determined, you'll get a decision usually in the form of a decision notice.

These are the 4 main outcomes or decisions that can be made on your application:

Planning committee

There are 5 Area Planning Committees that determine smaller scale applications within their respective areas. The Strategic Sites Committee deals with wider strategic development.

Councillors on Planning Committees consider each application on its merits, taking account of current legislation and planning policies.

Speaking at a planning committee

People who have made comments on an application will be invited to speak at the first planning committee meeting at which the matter is considered. If you're interested in speaking, you must register before the meeting. Details on how to register will be sent to you.

Further information about speaking at a planning committee.

Planning conditions

Your decision may be subject to planning conditions.

There are two main types:

  • those where the details must be approved before work can start, known as conditions precedent
  • those where the details must be submitted, approved and implemented prior to development being brought into use

Read more about the use of planning conditions on GOV.UK.