Apply for planning permission

Amending your planning application

You can request to amend your planning application after submission and before determination.

Use the contact details in the acknowledgment that you were sent when you submitted your planning application.

To amend your application after determination, apply for a non-material amendment to a determined planning application. You can apply for this in the same way as any other planning application.

What amendments we accept

We will accept simple amendments where a scheme is unacceptable as submitted, but can be made acceptable subject to very minor amendments.

We will not accept amendments where the scheme is unacceptable and:

  • no initial planning advice has been sought
  • making it acceptable would require a large amount of additional information
  • making it acceptable would need further amendments that may require further consultation
  • the amount of change required would result in a very different proposal
  • the principle of development cannot be supported

You may wish to check in principle whether the amendment will be acceptable before incurring the expense of preparing amended plans.