Get a taxi or private hire driver assessment

You must have a driver assessment certificate to apply for a taxi or private hire licence.

To confirm you meet our driving standards, all hackney carriage drivers will need:

  • a valid test certificate obtained through a council approved assessor
  • the enhanced wheelchair element of the council approved taxi test

Private hire drivers whose work may include driving wheelchair accessible vehicles should also consider undertaking the wheelchair element of the test.


How it works

During the assessment, you'll be assessed on your ability to:

  • drive safely
  • find your way to destinations by the quickest route
  • your knowledge of the Highway Code, our licensing policy and licence conditions and the general laws relating to private hire and taxi work

Before you begin

Before taking the assessment, you must ensure you're familiar with:

If you're not confident about your ability to pass the safe driving element of the assessment, you may wish to consider taking a private driving lesson first. 

Approved assessors

Contact one of our approved assessors to arrange your assessment.


Mann Fleet Solutions

The Blue Lamp Trust


You're responsible for paying for your own assessment.

It's in your interest to ensure that you are fully prepared to take the test. Should you fail the assessment, you're likely to be charged for the cost of a new test.