Requesting a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) restriction on a public road


You may be able to request a restriction to stop large vehicles from using inappropriate roads or routes if they cause:

  • danger to pedestrians and other road users
  • damage to buildings, roads and bridges
  • congestion on roads

This may include requesting advisory signage or that a road weight restriction is put in place.

Speak to your parish or town council

Before you make a request, you should speak to your local parish or town council.

They can help to create a proposal to remove or reduce freight traffic by reviewing:

  • traffic flows and frequencies
  • road classification
  • evidence of damage, detrimental impact or injuries caused by collisions

Create a freight proposal

The parish or town council can help create a proposal by:

  • seeking engagement with local businesses and the community affected or impacted by any proposal
  • helping identify alternate heavy goods vehicle (HGV) routes
  • engaging with communities affected by diverted traffic or increased HGV traffic
  • identifying increased traffic speeds

They’ll also check to make sure any proposal is in line with our freight strategy.

What the proposal should include

The proposal will need to include:

  • photographic evidence
  • frequency of freight use
  • information about what has caused it, how long it’s been a problem or the expected end date (if the problem is caused by construction works)

Take the proposal to your local Community Board

Your local Community Board will consider the proposal and determine if they can support it.

If the Community Board supports your proposal

The Community Board will submit the proposal to Buckinghamshire Highways and include information about how it may affect the local community, for example:

  • what the impact would be on other roads, villages, towns and communities if the proposal goes ahead
  • where HGV traffic would go if diverted
  • how it may affect local businesses
  • how the board have engaged with parties who may be affected

They'll then take over control of the proposal so that they can make the financial and coordination decisions.

How you’ll be kept updated

The Community Board will make sure that you, and any parish or town council involved, are kept up to date with progress.

About Community Board funding

The Community Board should consider that there may be a need to provide ‘match-funding’ in their submission to Buckinghamshire Highways.

Any necessary surveys and investigations carried out by Buckinghamshire Highways may also need to be funded.