Apply for a parking dispensation

A parking dispensation allows you to park for a limited time in a space where there are parking restrictions (for example, double yellow lines).

This is normally to carry out essential works where a vehicle is necessary.

To apply, you will need to let us know your vehicle registration number (also known as your number plate, license plate or license number).

Apply for a parking dispensation

Reasons we may give you a parking dispensation

There needs to be a good reason for us to give you a parking dispensation. This can include:

  • furniture removals
  • building, maintenance or repair works where a vehicle is needed
  • deliveries that may take longer than the time normally allowed
  • weddings or funerals
  • filming

Parking dispensations are not allowed if you will block:

  • disabled parking spaces
  • parking spaces used by doctors
  • taxi ranks
  • bus stops
  • the entry or exit of a pedestrian crossing marking (also known as a zebra crossing)
  • a footpath or any other location where you may cause danger to pedestrians
  • any location that could cause obstruction or danger to the public

Parking dispensations cannot be used:

  • for general parking needs
  • where loading restrictions are in place
  • within 50 metres of a signal controlled junction (that is, a junction where there are traffic lights)
  • if you will affect other road users or the flow of traffic

Once you have finished the job or event for which we gave you a parking dispensation, your vehicle must be moved and parked in a legal space.

Contact the parking team

If you have a question about parking permits and car park season tickets that is not answered on this page, you can contact us for help.