Electric vehicle charging

Find an electric vehicle charge point

We recommend the Zap Map website or mobile app, showing the locations and types of EV charge points available nationally.

There are many publicly accessible charge points across Buckinghamshire including in council-owned car parks and other public locations.

Charge points are becoming more common at supermarkets, service stations, railway stations and leisure areas.

Employment locations may provide charging facilities within on-site parking for employees.

Charging an electric vehicle at home

Charging at homes with off-street parking

Currently you are only able to install an EV-charger in your home if you have off-street parking that is within the curtilage of a property and you own the area where the car is parked.

This would need to be implemented at the property-owner’s or occupier’s expense but there are grants available, such as the Electric Vehicle Home charge Scheme.

Check the list of government authorised installers who can provide additional information on installation.

There are limitations to the circumstances and installations for which the Permitted Development rights apply.

If a planning application is required, you can request advice in advance of submitting a planning application.

Further guidance on installing a charge point at home

Charging at homes without off-street parking

Currently residents who do not have off-street parking within their property are not able to install an EV-charger in their home.

We do not currently allow residents to trail cables across the footway or public highway.

We are expecting advice from Central Government on how to address this situation which affects 40% of the UKs population. While we are waiting for this advice, we are looking at potential options to enable residents to charge their vehicle safely at home without obstruction to other highway users such as pedestrians and motorists.

We are in the early stages of a study on how to facilitate charging for residents without off-street parking and will be looking at potential options later in 2022.

Contact the electric vehicle charging team

If you have a question about electric vehicles or electric vehicale charging please email the Electric Vehicle Charging Mailbox.