Order an extract of the rights of way definitive map and statement

All public rights of way in Buckinghamshire are recorded on the definitive map and statement, which is a legal record of its existence.

You can order an extract of the definitive map and statement for legal or personal purposes.

How to order

Extracts cost £41 each.

To order an extract online, you'll need to supply a plan showing the land you are interested in marked in red. Any extra questions will cost £10 each.

This can be uploaded with your application or emailed to [email protected].

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View the map in person

The map and statement are available to see in person by appointment at:

  • Walton Street Offices
  • Parish Council Offices

Request changes to the definitive map and statement

Our statutory duty

We have a statutory duty, under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to:

  • keep the map up to date
  • investigate any requests to add or delete rights of way
  • investigate any requests to change the status of an existing right of way (if required)

If a way is not shown on the map, this is not proof that the public has no rights over it and as such the map may be subject to change.

How we record rights of way

Rights of way are recorded on the map in 1 of 4 categories, these are:

The definitive statement, may contain information about an individual path such as, start and end point and the width of the way. 

Rights of way data for GIS software

The rights of way data across Buckinghamshire is now freely available to the general public to download into their own GIS software system. In order to use this data, you'll need a GIS system.

See our Open Government Licence (OGL).

Rights of Way Dataset 2023 (ZIP, 1.59 MB)

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