How to travel more sustainably

If you want to travel more sustainably, consider a more environmentally friendly alternative to your car.

Options include:

  • electric vehicles, bikes and scooters
  • walking or cycling
  • bus and train travel
  • car-sharing (also called car-pooling and lift-sharing)

Electric vehicles

As electric vehicles become more popular, we're increasing the number of locations where you can charge your vehicle.

Find out more about electric vehicles in Buckinghamshire, including:

  • where to find charging points
  • how to charge your vehicle at home
  • how electric vehicles can be used in business
  • our Electric Vehicle Action Plan

Electric scooters and e-bikes

You can hire e-scooters on short-term rental through the Zipp Mobility app.

For more information see Buckinghamshire electric scooter trial.

We have also launched a new electric bike hire scheme in Aylesbury and High Wycombe.

Walking, cycling and wheeling

Walking, cycling and wheeling are great ways to travel sustainably.

You can view:

Public transport

Using public transport can be a greener and more economical travel choice.

See Bus passes and travel for more information about:

  • bus passes
  • travel options
  • routes
  • timetables

Active travel

Active travel schemes aim to encourage residents to do more local journeys by foot or bike.

The schemes can also have longer-term benefits including:

  • reduced congestion
  • improved air quality
  • improved community cohesion
  • better public health

Find out how we're engaging with communities on future cycling and walking routes.

Bucks Liftshare

Liftshare is a free car-sharing app that helps you:

  • create a profile
  • find other people to car-share with
  • arrange free lifts

For more information, visit the Bucks Liftshare website.