What you can do to help improve air quality

The council has been awarded an Air Quality Grant by Defra to provide Community Boards with materials to carry out 'Clean Up Our Air' events.

The objectives of the campaign are to:

  • raise awareness of local air quality issues in the Community Board areas
  • highlight what the council are doing to reduce air pollution and advise residents, businesses, and visitors to the area what they can do to help reduce emissions
  • give a basic understanding on dispersion and how this information can be used to reduce exposure to air pollution
  • explain the co-benefits of improving air quality i.e. an increase in wellbeing and a reduction of harmful gas emissions

Each community board will be given an Air Quality Campaign toolkit that contains:

  • An introduction letter 
  • 8 Anti-Idling correx signs A3
  • 2 Anti-Idling correx signs A1
  • 10 High visibility vest (8 large and 2 extra-large)
  • 50 Refillable Pens with the Clean Up Your Air tagline
  • 50 Pencils with Clean Up Your Air tagline
  • 1 mesh PVC free Banner (2m x 1m)
  • Access to Information from 1 air quality sensor

Read the Transport for Buckinghamshire Roadside Poster Guidance Document before putting up any signs or banners on the highway. 

Along with the toolbox we have also provided the following useful documents for you to download and use.

View Air Quality in Buckinghamshire including monitoring data and what we are doing to improve 'Clean up our Air'.

View more on the Clean Air Day Website.

Other Useful Resources