Air quality management reviews and annual reports

Improving air quality in our region

We have a legal responsibility as a council to monitor and report on air quality in our region.

In areas where the objectives are not met, Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) are declared to improve air quality.

You can view our map to see the AQMAs and monitoring sites within our area.

Air Quality Action Plans

Where Air Quality Management Areas are declared, we have to produce an Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP). The aim of this is to reduce concentrations within those AQMAs to below the government's objectives. Progress on all Air Quality Action Plans are published annually in the Annual Status Reports mentioned below.

View the Air Quality Action Plans:

Former Aylesbury Vale district area AQAP
Former Chiltern district area AQAP
Former South Bucks district area AQAP
Former Wycombe district area AQAP

Annual Status Reports

We submit an Annual Status Report (ASR) annually to Defra for appraisal.

The report contains:

  • the concentrations of pollution measured in the previous calendar year
  • how this compared to previous years
  • what we have been doing to improve air quality in the area, including progress on the Air Quality Action Plans

View the report summary and the Annual Status Report 2023.

Previous reports

Select your former district area to view Annual Status Reports from previous years.

Further information on improving air quality

To see how we aim to achieve net-zero for carbon emissions for Buckinghamshire as a whole by 2050, view our Climate Change and Air Quality Strategy.

Visit Global Action Plan’s Clean Air Hub for further information on:

  • what local air pollution is
  • what we can do to reduce emissions
  • what we can do to reduce our own exposure to air pollution