Help buying or accessing food

If you're struggling to afford or access food our Helping Hand team can offer support and refer you to a local food bank.

Search for local food banks or support

View the Buckinghamshire Online Directory to find organisations in your area who can provide emergency food support, including local food banks. Many of these organisations provide food and meals during the school holidays.

Non-emergency food support

A full list of non-emergency food support organisations is available on the Buckinghamshire Online Directory.

Example of organisations that can help include:

  • community fridges – these provide free fresh surplus food
  • community cupboards and larders – these provide free non-perishable food
  • hot meal schemes

There are also courses, apps and websites available to help you budget for or access food, including:

  • help making budget friendly meals - free courses to help making budget friendly meals with incentives for completing the course
  • BBC Food £1 Dinners – budget recipes from the BBC, costed across 4 supermarkets at £1 a portion
  • Meal Plans – free weekly meal plans to help feed your family for around £20 a week
  • Olio – connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared
  • Too Good To Go – lets you buy and collect food that would otherwise go to waste at cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops and manufacturers

Free school meals

Families on a low income can apply for free school meals for children.

Food vouchers during school holidays

We provide digital food vouchers to eligible families and households during school holidays.

For more information about the scheme see Free digital food vouchers for the school holiday period.

Reducing food waste

We've created a toolkit to help you cut down on food waste and save money on your food bills.

View the Toolkit: reducing food waste at home.

Other sources of help with food