Apply for Community Board funding

Budget allocation

An annual budget is allocated to Community Boards from the council’s Annual Revenue Budget which is approved by Full Council each year.

Each Community Board is set an allocated budget. The level of Community Board funding allocated to each area is based on:

  • the population of the area
  • the levels of deprivation

How funding is used

The Community Board budget provides funding to support local projects that will help to:

Community Boards will set local priorities and develop action plans to address these areas in a way that is tailored to local circumstances.

Applications for projects that address these priorities and local needs are welcome from community and voluntary sector groups.

The maximum funding available for a project is £15,000 and all projects must have some financial contributory funding to help deliver the project.

Types of funding

There are two types of funding available:

For Community Board project funding, recommendations for funding allocations are made to the Cabinet Member for Communities, with final approval taken by the Community Board members.

For Small Grants funding, approval is given by Community Board members.

All funding allocations must operate in accordance with the policies and decisions of the council.

Before you apply

It is a requirement that projects are discussed with your Community Board Manager before filling in the application form to ensure that they are eligible, meet the board priorities and sufficient funds are available.

Find your local Community Board.

If your project will affect the county or a number of Community Board areas, contact the Community Board Manager.

Submit an application

Once you have discussed your proposal with the Community Board Manager, you can fill in an application form.

Apply for Community Board funding now

If your proposal is less than £1,000 and funding is required to cover the whole cost of the project, you may be eligible for Small Grant funding.

View our Community Board Small Grants page to learn more and apply for a Small Grant.