Apply for Community Board funding

How funding is used

The Community Board fund is available to support local projects that will help improve outcomes for residents and address the area priorities determined by each Community Board, as well as support the delivery of Buckinghamshire Council’s Corporate Plan.

Alongside setting local community priority areas, each year the council will identify key areas of focus for Community Boards.

The key areas of focus for 2021/ 22 are:

  • improving the environment
  • supporting economic recovery

Each community board will allocate a minimum of 15% of their total budget to each key area to be spent on local projects that address these issues in their community.

Community Boards will set local priorities and develop action plans to address these areas in a way that is tailored to local circumstances.

Community Boards will identify key areas of focus (to include the above council key areas). These will be outlined in the Community Board action plans. Applications for projects that address these key areas of focus are welcome from community and voluntary sector groups.

Community Boards make recommendations for funding allocations to the Cabinet Member for Communities.

Funding allocations must operate in accordance with the policies and decisions of the council.

Before you apply

It is important that projects are discussed with your Community Board coordinator before filling in the application form to ensure that they are eligible and sufficient funds are available.

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Submit an application

Fill out our online form to submit your application.

Apply for Community Board funding

Once applications have been received the Community Board coordinator may be in contact for further details.

All applications will be reviewed and considered by the Localities and Strategic Partnerships service to ensure they meet the relevant criteria ahead of going forward to the Community Board for consideration.

All applications will be considered by the Community Board Funding panel following Community Board recommendations for final approval.