Community Boards

Working together: local voices, local choices, local action

Community Boards are a new way of bringing the council, groups, organisations and local people together to look at local issues and find ways of improving them together.

As a community-led partnership, Community Boards will:

  • influence how decisions are made and how services are delivered
  • represent the voice of local people
  • capture thoughts, ideas and suggestions
  • bring together key community partners and residents
  • identify local needs and work to produce creative solutions

There will be many ways the boards will work with the community to identify what is important in each area and take action together.

The boards will use local data, intelligence and the views of people and partners in the community to identify key areas of focus and priorities for the board. These priorities will help determine where the boards take action and allocate funding to improve the local area.

The boards are all about taking action. Working groups will explore the local priorities, set up local projects and find creative ways to make local changes.

Each board has an allocated budget to fund local projects and initiatives.

There will be five public meetings held each year. At these meetings, funding is allocated and feedback will be shared on the plan of action. Action notes from these meetings will be published online.

Community Board Chair and Coordinators

Each board is supported by a dedicated chair and coordinator who will make links with people in the local community to make sure information is shared and local views and ideas are heard.

They will make sure the local people, groups and organisations feel connected with the boards and the council, developing working relationships across the community board area.

Get involved

If you join your community board, you'll be able to have your say on issues that affect your area. How involved you become is up to you. We will:

  • send you a regular newsletter
  • invite you to our board meetings and events
  • give you the opportunity to get involved with our working groups
  • let you know about local consultations
  • share information on funding for communities

To get involved, email [email protected].

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