Organise a Play Streets session

Play Streets sessions allow groups of neighbours to temporarily close off their road so that children can play safely outside their homes and neighbours can get together.

The sessions typically last for up to 2 hours and have many benefits, including:

  • encouraging children to play outdoors
  • allowing adult neighbours to connect and interact
  • promoting healthy living
  • bringing communities together

Find out more about Play Streets on the Playing Out website and the Play Streets Bucks Facebook group.

How to apply for a Play Streets session

To hold a Play Streets session you need to apply for a Temporary Play Streets Order (also known as an Events Road Closure Order).

The order gives you permission to close your road for the purpose of children’s play. The road will be closed to vehicles but stay open to all pedestrians.

You should submit an application, risk assessment and method statement at least 8 weeks before your planned Play Streets session. This allows us to process the application and carry out any training.

To request an application form, or for help completing it email [email protected].

Risk assessment and method statement (RAMS)

You must submit a completed risk assessment and method statement with your application.

Before you submit you should carefully read both templates and familiarise yourself with the details. Play Streets stewards will need to have a clear understanding of all the points.

Carrying out a risk assessment will ensure that you're prepared for any issues that arise.

The method statement should set out your approach for closing the road.

You should also have a contingency plan in place in case of accidents, medical emergencies or fire.

View the Event Safety Guide created by the Health and Safety Executive for further guidance.

After you've applied

We aim to respond to your application within 28 days and will let you know if your road is suitable for a session. Play Streets are more suited to smaller roads and cul-de-sacs and cannot be carried out on main roads.

If your application is successful, you will need to consider these areas when organising your Play Street session:

Contact us

Further information is available from our Road Space Management Team. You can contact them by:

You can also contact the Play Street Bucks Support Activator by email at [email protected]