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Types of adoption

Early permanence

We are able to approve prospective adopters as adopters and foster carers, so that a child can be placed with them at an earlier stage.

Early permanence is chosen for children where adoption is the proposed but not certain outcome of their care.

We are also able to approve adopters as foster carers temporarily for specific children. This happens when it is felt that the child should move in with them at an early stage but a placement order has not yet been secured.

This may be in circumstances where the adopters are already caring for an older brother or sister.

Benefits of early permanence

The benefits of an early permanence placement include that:

  • the child is able to make attachments to carers from a young age
  • if the carers end up adopting the child, they are much less likely to experience difficulties with the child as a result of attachment issues

We recently interviewed Rob, a Buckinghamshire adopter, about how he and his wife came to adopt their daughter through early permanence.

Listen to Rob's interview.

Find out more about early permanence.

Adopt a child from another country

Intercountry adoption is when you adopt a child from overseas.

We do not carry out assessments for intercountry adoptions but we do have an agreement with the IAC to complete these for us. The IAC are a specialist agency for international adoption and will charge a fee for their services to the prospective adopter.

Find out more about intercountry adoption or contact the IAC on 0208 447 4753.

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