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We welcome adopters from all genders and sexualities, whether you’re single, married or in a long-term relationship.

New Family Social

We are a member of New Family Social, a UK charity run by LGBTQ+ adopters and foster carers.

When you adopt with us, you get a Gold membership to New Family Social. This gives you access to their online peer support forums as well as in-person and virtual events and webinars.


We recently interviewed David and Tom, Buckinghamshire adopters, about being assessed and approved as adopters and foster carers.

They spoke to us at the beginning of their journey through early permanence.

David and Tom said:

"LGBTQ+ people have a lot of experiences which will help them as adopters. They are used to hardship, they may have faced judgement growing up, so they have a strength from the things that they have been through. These children will grow up thinking that they are different in their own way, and LGBTQ+ people can identify with them. people who have been through difficulties in life are well equipped to help others."

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