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Help stop fly-tipping

Buckinghamshire Council is asking residents in Buckinghamshire and beyond to help reduce the amount of rubbish that is fly-tipped with one simple message – don't pay cash to get rid of your trash.

Don’t pay cash to get rid of your trash

Stop criminals in their tracks. Don’t pay people cash to get rid of your rubbish for you. If they fly-tip your rubbish, you could be the one who ends up being fined.

Electronic payments mean fly-tipping can be traced back to the criminal waste carriers who don’t want to risk an unlimited fine or even prison time. If no-one paid by cash there would be far less fly-tipping.

Make a card payment or bank transfer

If you’ve had a clear-out, have DIY rubbish, or have a large item like a fridge or sofa to get rid of and you’re paying someone to get rid of it for you, always make an electronic payment like a bank transfer or card payment.

By using an electronic method of payment, you can help us track down and prosecute the fly-tipper. You will also help reduce fly-tipping.

Don’t risk a £400 fine

If the enforcement team finds your rubbish has been fly-tipped, you need to be able to show that you’ve checked the person taking away your rubbish is fully authorised (and will dispose of it properly). By making an electronic payment, you can provide evidence of the identity of the person who removed it and the enforcement team can investigate them.

If you pay with cash in hand, you could end up being issued with a £400 fixed penalty notice for failing in your ‘duty of care’. If the incident is serious, this might rise to a court summons that could result in a criminal conviction and a big fine.

Follow the SCRAP code

If you’re unsure of how to make sure you’re doing the right thing when someone is taking away your rubbish, Buckinghamshire Councils' S.C.R.A.P. fly-tipping campaign code is a useful tool.

Free recycling at Household Waste Recycling Centres (‘tips’)


A great alternative to paying people to get rid of your rubbish are Household Waste Recycling Centres - where residents can safely and legally dispose of their household waste.

All items of household waste are accepted free of charge, but there may be small charges for non-household waste and it does vary by centre, so always check before you travel.

Slough residents

The three household recycling centres available to Slough residents are:

  • Chalvey - White Hart Road, off Spackmans Way, Slough, SL1 2SF
  • Burnham - Crowpiece Lane, Bucks, SL2 3TG
  • Langley - Langley Park Road, Bucks, SL3 6DD

Find out more about Slough household recycling centres.

Hillingdon residents

Two household recycling centres are available to Hillingdon residents:

Find out more about Hillingdon household recycling centres.

Buckinghamshire residents

There are 9 household recycling centres available for Buckinghamshire residents.

Find your nearest household recycling centre or find out more about Buckinghamshire household recycling centres

Report fly-tipping

cows fly-tipping

Keep our countryside clean

Help us keep our countryside clean, if you notice dumped rubbish, please report it.

Report fly-tipping in Buckinghamshire

Report fly-tipping in Slough

Report fly-tipping in Hillingdon