Report fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish, whether it's a single bag or a vehicle load of rubbish. It is a criminal offence and punishable by an unlimited fine or imprisonment.

If it's your waste, it's your responsibility. Follow the SCRAP code to check you're using an authorised waste carrier.

Avoid paying for waste disposal in cash and always ask where your waste is going before allowing it to be taken away.

Fly-tipping on private land

Rubbish on private land is the landowner’s responsibility. If you see fly-tipping on private land, you must report this to the landowner. Contact HM Land Registry to find out who owns the land.

If you are a private landowner and become a victim of fly-tipping then it is your responsibility to safely dispose of the waste and pay any costs for doing so.

You can check that any contractor employed to remove the waste is a registered waste carrier by visiting the Environment Agency website.

Fly-tipping on public roads and footpaths

If you see any dumped waste tell us as soon as possible. All information is useful so record as much as you can, including:

  • location
  • type of waste
  • write down their vehicle number plate if viewed

Use our fly-tipping reporting website to:

  • plot on a map where you found issue
  • submit photographs
  • add comments
  • sign-up for alerts to check what has happened since you reported the fly-tip