Property maintenance - standard terms and conditions

Last updated: 22 June 2021


10. The Supplier Contractor shall only provide samples of the Materials if requested to do so by the Purchaser.

11. The Purchaser shall have power to reject any Materials supplied which are not in accordance with the Contract or are otherwise defective unless he has already accepted them. The Purchaser will not be deemed to have accepted them if he has not been given a chance to examine them.

12. The Supplier/Contractor shall at his own risk and expense and within 7 days of receipt of a notice in writing from the Purchaser remove any Materials rejected by the Purchaser. In the event of failure to do so, the Purchaser may cause the Materials to be removed and all expenses incurred by the Purchaser in connection therewith shall be borne by the Supplier/Contractor.

13. The Supplier/Contractor shall indemnify the Purchaser against any claim for infringement of Letters Patent, Registered Design, Trade Mark, copyright or other protected rights in respect of the Materials supplied.

14. The Supplier/Contractor shall take every practicable precaution not to damage or injure any property or persons. The Supplier/Contractor shall satisfy all claims founded on any such damage or injuries which arise out of or in consequence of any operations under this Contract whether such claims are made by the Purchaser or by a third party against the Supplier/Contractor or against the Purchaser and the Supplier/Contractor shall indemnify the Purchaser against all actions, demands, costs, charges and expenses arising in connection therewith provided however that nothing in this condition shall render the Supplier/Contractor liable for any injury or damage resulting from any negligent act or omission of the Purchaser.