Property maintenance - standard terms and conditions

Last updated: 22 June 2021


16. If either party is prevented or hindered from carrying out its obligations hereunder by circumstances beyond its reasonable control other than by weather conditions or conditions caused by weather conditions but including any form of Government intervention, strikes and lockouts relevant to the Contract, delays by Sub-Contractors (but only where such delays were beyond the control of the Sub-Contractor concerned), then the performance of such obligations shall be suspended for such time as the circumstances aforesaid last and the party affected shall not be liable for any delay occasioned thereby. Provided that if such delay shall extend for an unreasonable time the party not affected by the circumstances aforesaid may cancel the contract and no liability shall by no reason of such cancellation attach to either party. The Purchaser shall pay to the Supplier/Contractor such sum as may be equitable in respect of work performed prior to cancellation.