Succeeding as a place, succeeding as a country

7. Summary of Proposition Elements


  • A Housing Investment Board with CPO, borrowing, funding and permitted development land, freedoms and powers
  • A £100m Single Pot Housing Investment Fund
  • A county wide approach to public land

High Tech Sectors

  • A £400m Single Pot Investment Fund
  • Ability to extend Enterprise Zones
  • Pilot area for NHS investment in digital applications
  • Principles of an Enterprise Zone or freeport in South Buckinghamshire


  • Devolution of Adult Education Budget
  • Work with government to streamline the approach for local delivery of national employment programmes
  • Devolution of Apprenticeship Levy
  • A county wide Apprenticeship Training Agency with a Buckinghamshire Skills Fund
  • Pilot agreement with DWP and across government on shared data to assist employment support and job matching


  • A £60m Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund
  • Pilot traffic powers at the local level
  • County wide bus regulation
  • Fund and statutory status for England’s Economic Heartland