Getting an export health certificate (EHC)

Export health certificates (EHCs) are issued to food businesses who want to export foodstuff outside Great Britain. They help local exporters to meet the food safety requirements.

We can issue some EHCs for products of animal origin but these are limited to:

  • fishery products
  • live bivalve molluscs
  • certain composite products containing fishery and/or egg products

We cannot provide EHCs for products of animal origin that need an official veterinary signature.

If you are exporting to a country that only requires confirmation of registration or compliance with domestic law, we can give you an official statement. Email us at [email protected]


All prices are exclusive of VAT.
Item Fee

Basic certificate


Enhanced certificate (we determine the additional checks required)


Certificate requiring a site visit


Additional copy of certificate


How to apply

You should apply for an export health certificate on GOV.UK.

Your business must be registered or approved before you apply.

Please email us at [email protected] before submitting your online application.

Before approving a certificate, we may need to carry out a food safety inspection. We reserve the right to decline your application if your premises, hygiene standards and or practices fail to meet food safety standards.