Food safety inspections

We carry out food safety inspections to check that businesses are compliant with food law and are producing food that is safe to eat.

We have the right to enter and inspect your business at any reasonable time and may arrive without making an appointment.

During an inspection our authorised officers will look at:

  • your premises
  • how you work
  • your food safety management system
  • the types of food you prepare

Following an inspection

Following an inspection, a report will be sent to the business operator by email or post. This is usually sent within a few days but can take up to 14 days.

Our report will highlight the issues we noticed during the inspection and will distinguish between legal requirements and advice.

If repeated or serious non-compliance is found, we may also:

  • serve an improvement notice that sets out the things that you must do to comply
  • serve a prohibition notice to stop a certain activity or the use of equipment
  • serve an emergency prohibition notice that will result in closure of the food premises
  • detain and/or seize food or equipment
  • recommend prosecution

Appealing the outcome of an inspection

To request a reinspection or appeal a food hygiene rating see Respond to your food hygiene rating.

Further information

See for further information about food safety inspections and enforcement.