Registering a food business

All food businesses in Buckinghamshire must register their premises 28 days before they start operating.

Registration is free and allows food safety and hygiene checks to take place.

If you have not heard from us after 28 days since registering, you are allowed to start operating as if your application is approved. This is called 'tacit consent'.

Further guidance is available at GOV.UK: starting a food business.

Applying for food premises approval

You must apply for approval if you operate a food premises that handles meat, fish, egg or dairy products that are supplied to other businesses (rather than selling directly to consumers).

For example:

  • meat processing plants
  • meat preparation plants
  • cold stores

Find out if you need approval

Most food premises do not require approval.

If your business does require food premises approval you should only apply if your business is already registered.

To find out if you need approval, email us at [email protected]