Find out about street trading consent in the former South Buckinghamshire district area

Street trading is selling or offering for sale any article in the street.

For example, this could be:

  • a food stall
  • a catering van

You do not need consent for street trading in the former South Buckinghamshire district. However, there are streets you cannot trade on.

Streets you cannot trade on

Food businesses

All food businesses are legally required to register with us at least 28 days before their intended opening date.

Find out more about Registering a food business.

Pavement licence

To put removable tables and chairs on the public highway, you need to Apply for a pavement licence.

Enforcement action

We may take enforcement action if we receive complaints about street traders who are:

  • operating in a prohibited area
  • making the highway unsafe

Trading on private land

To trade on private land, you need the permission of the landowner, and you may also need planning permission.

Selling produce

Produce can be sold from the land it is grown on. It’s illegal to put up signs or stalls for the sale of produce within the highway or on grass verges.

Signs advertising produce must be clear of the highway, and you may need to apply for Planning Permission.

Trading at Burnham Market

Burnham Market does not fall under street trading regulations.

For information on a stall at Burnham market:


Contact the licensing team