Apply for a gambling permit

Types of permit

Gambling permits allow various premises to provide facilities for gambling such as gaming machines.

Gaming machines are categorised according to their maximum stakes and prizes. Each permit type has specific limits on the number and category of gaming machines and types of gaming that can take place.

We are responsible for issuing gambling permits for the following:

  • alcohol-licensed premises
  • club gaming permits
  • club machine permits
  • unlicensed family entertainment centres
  • prize gaming permit

Games of skill such as quiz machines and amusement only machines such as ‘space invaders’ do not require a permit.

Permits last 10 years and require an application fee.

Some permits also require an annual fee to be paid.

Alcohol licensed premises gaming machines

Venues with on-premises alcohol licences, such as pubs, can operate category C and D gaming machines with:

  • a permit (more than 2 machines)
  • a notification (2 machines or less)

Apply for an alcohol licensed premises gaming machine permit or notification

Club machine permit

The following types of premises may apply for a club machine permit to provide up to 3 gaming machines:

  • members’ clubs
  • commercial clubs
  • miners’ welfare institutes

If you'd also like to offer equal chance gaming and games of chance, you'll need a club gaming permit

Club gaming permit

The following types of premises may apply for a club gaming permit to provide up to 3 gaming machines and equal chance gaming or games of chance:

  • members’ clubs
  • miners’ welfare institutes

Commercial clubs may not apply for this permit.

Unlicensed family entertainment centre (gaming machine permit)

Unlicensed family entertainment centres providing low stake category D gaming machines (which are usually aimed at children) require a permit.

Prize gaming permit

Prize gaming permits allow low level gaming for small participation fees and modest prizes. Bingo played at amusement arcades is typical of this type of gaming.