High Wycombe Cemetery


Hampden Road
High Wycombe
HP13 6SX
Telephone: 01494 421 819

Before visiting this cemetery, check our cemetery regulations.

A plan of the cemetery may be seen by arrangement, free of charge, at the cemetery office at Hampden Road, High Wycombe.

Opening times


8am - 9pm (or sunset)


8am - 9pm (or sunset)


8am - 9pm (or sunset)


8am - 9pm (or sunset)


8am - 9pm (or sunset)


8am - 9pm (or sunset)


10am – 9pm (or sunset)

Opening times are subject to change on bank holidays.

Office opening times

Office opening times vary.

Before visiting, call the cemetery officer on 01494 421 819.

Access and arrangements

The roads and footpaths can be steep in places and access can be difficult, especially in bad weather. Discuss special access arrangements with the Cemetery Officer in advance.

There are public toilets available near the Hampden Road entrance. The disabled toilets can only be accessed using a "radar" key.


The garden is managed on the "lawn principle" where graves are kept free from obstructions to permit frequent mowing of the grass. The cemetery officer will carry out routine inspections and any objects removed to allow mowing will be stored in the office at the Hampden Road gates, where they may be collected during office hours.

Purchase right of burial

Before you purchase burial rights, make sure you read our cemetery regulations.

The purchasing of burial rights is usually carried out by an appointed funeral director on behalf of the deceased's family. If you are not using a funeral director, call the cemetery officer on 01494 421 819.

Permission to inter remains in a specific plot is allocated to a named person for a fixed time period. This is not however right of ownership.

For more information see our cemetery fees.

Weekday short notice burials

Weekday burials will be accommodated at short notice where possible through the management of stock graves, there will be no additional fee for weekday short notice burials where they can be reasonably accommodated.

The provision of "chamber" graves may require 24 hours notice and in the case of vaults a minimum of five full working days.

Finding a grave

If you wish to conduct a search for the grave of a friend or loved one, there are many online tools available to you.

You can also:

Provide as much information as possible on names and dates.


The owner of the burial rights may purchase a memorial and any memorial must be approved by us before installation. Local masons can advise on the cemetery regulations governing memorials.

See our webpage for information on cemetery fees.

Written permission may be obtained for the temporary erection of a wooden cross, provided an application is made at the same time for a natural stone memorial. A memorial mason acting on the instruction of the named person normally makes the application.

The snowdrop garden

The Snowdrop Garden is situated off Benjamin Road, High Wycombe. It is a section for the interment of babies, still born babies and young children.

The cremated remains of children up to the age of 14 and infants up to the age of 3 can be buried in the Snowdrop Garden

It provides a quiet spot for families wanting to remember their babies.

For more information see Cemetery regulations.


For information on the cost of burials and memorials, see our fees page.